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2019 China International Jewellery Show opens in Beijing

The 2019 China International Jewellery Show, co-sponsored by the two authoritative organizations of the China Jewellery and Jade Jewelry Industry Association and the Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Management Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources, opened at the China International Exhibition Center on the morning of November 14.

At the opening ceremony, Ye Zhibin, executive vice chairman of the China Jewellery and Jade Jewelry Industry Association, secretary of the party committee and director of the Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Management Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources, pointed out that China International Jewellery Show has become the most famous and influential jewellery in China and the world The offline trading platform of the jewelry industry has greatly promoted the healthy and orderly development of the jewelry industry in China and the world, and its historical achievements are indelible. This year's China International Jewellery Show is a great time to enter a new era. With the strong support of exhibitors and buyers, friends at home and abroad, this exhibition will definitely exceed previous exhibitions and achieve more brilliant results.

   "China International Jewelry Show" is an annual domestic professional and professional jewellery show, adhering to the purpose of "building a well-known brand and seeking common development of the industry". After more than 20 years of development, it has now become an international attention. The most popular and influential jewelry industry event in China. While continuously improving the overall image of the industry, the exhibition also provides the best platform for companies to build their brands, showcase their culture and strength.

It is understood that the current exhibition will last until November 18, with a total area of 50,000 square meters, and nearly 2,000 booths, bringing together well-known jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and franchisees from more than 20 countries and regions. Business, can be described as a lot of highlights.

At the scene, the reporter saw that as the brand pavilion of the China International Jewellery Show 2019, the first floor of Hall 1 gathered many domestic jewellery brands, and focused on displaying and releasing the latest production technology and the latest design products, leading the trend of jewelry consumption. The 2019 participating brands include Dianbai Jewelry, China Gold, Lao Fengxiang, Lao Temple Gold, Colorful Yunnan, China Jewelry, Tonghui Jewelry, Zhaojin Silver Building, Saifeier, Sindhi, Thousands Pearl, Ruanshi Pearl, Belle Pearl, Angel of the Angels Tears, Gorgeous Coral, Fuli Peridot, Inoandong, etc. bring new, fashionable and international original products, radiating the brand effect throughout China, and presenting the trend of the jewelry industry and the latest product design concepts.

In addition, Halls 6 and 7 gathered nearly a hundred outstanding jade carving studios from all over the country to make their appearances, to build the China International Jewelry Show boutique jade carving hall, to show the world the Chinese jade carving culture and superb skills. For example, Ma Hongwei, a master of jade carving, will display the masterpiece "Horn" purchased by the British Museum and the latest series of works "Covered Lid" and "Bird-shaped Footed Lid" which are inspired by ancient pottery and designed with pyrite ink. Etc .; Master Yu Yuefeng's delicate hand-cutting of thin vessels, the jade shows the essence of Chinese painting, the light of thin fetuses is like the moon, and the jade of warm and gentle is like peaks.

When you come to the exhibition site, you will have a panoramic view of overseas jewelry. Consumer demand for fashion matching, personalization, and emotional consumption is heating up, and the number of colored gemstone consumers is constantly increasing. In the International Designers Invitation Zone, the organizer also specially invited famous jewelry designers from Spain, Poland, the United States, Russia and other places this year to show their works on the spot, so that the audience can appreciate the differences between Chinese and Western jewelry art and feel the international jewelry designer design concepts. And superb craftsmanship.