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March , 2017 Guangzhou, South China, oral exhibition

South China International Oral Exhibition - Guangzhou, Guangdong and even South China's political, economic and cultural center, is China's economic development is very fast city. Guangzhou in 2010, 90 cities in the country ranked third, reaching 1060.448 billion yuan, an increase of 13%.

Guangdong, China's economic province, representing the economic strength and wealth of the five major economic indicators: total economic output, total retail sales of social consumer goods, foreign trade import and export, total fiscal revenue, household savings deposits balance continued to remain the first in the country.

Guangdong Province, more than 100 million population, five provinces and cities in southern China population of more than 400 million; Guangdong Province, rapid development of oral medicine, the existing oral doctors 10,000, and 6.5% annual growth in the number. Developed economy and open thinking, so that people in southern China for high-end dental products have a strong spending power and demand. Guangdong has become China's dental trade and consumption center.